Ditto 3.24

Expands the functionality of the standard Windows clipboard
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Saves multiple items at once in the Windows clipboard including photos, URL addresses or texts and lets you access them whenever you need to.

Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard that improves its management.
Ditto saves each item that is placed on the clipboard, thus allowing you to access to any of them later.

The information you can save is any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, like text, images, or HTML.

The program can be installed and used in eleven different languages.

During the installation, you can configure the program to run when Windows starts, thus enhancing the clipboard functionality right from the start.

Once installed, Ditto stays in the tray, silently capturing everything you send to the clipboard through any method (PrintScn, Ctrl-C or Right Click and Copy with the mouse).

Every item saved will be put in a list. When you need to do something with those captures, you can click on the tray icon, right click on and item, and a list of commands will pop up.

You can then choose to form groups, set the programs options, delete, import or export entries and lots of other functions.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s very easy to use and has lots of functionalities. It´s free


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